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Cavilla Lash Essence effectively promotes lash growth by nourishing the lashes from the roots and accurately activating each hair follicle so that the eyelashes receive the right amount of nutrients.

Out of all the hair follicles we have, only 20% of them are active and the remaining 80% of them are completely “sleeping”. Cavilla Lash Essence effectively awakens the sleeping follicles and promotes lash growth.

This product is versatile and can absolutely be used on the eyebrows and harline!

Cavilla Lash Essence (3 pcs)

Only 3 left in stock
  • 1. Remove all eye makeup and cleanse thoroughly.


    2. Close your eye and apply a thin layer of Cavilla Lash Essence over the roots of your lashes.


    3. Dab off any excess gently with a tissue.


    First week: Use over your upper lashes once every night.


    Second week: Increase usage to day and night application for both upper and lower lashes.

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